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The welder’s job consists of ensuring the permanent connection between two parts by melting materials at high temperature.

Commonly, a welder assembles mechanically welded assemblies, metal parts and piping prepared by a boilermaker or a pipefitter. This is why cohesion and communication are important between these trades in order to guarantee the conformity of the parts and the coordination of the tasks of a project.

The work of a welder consists initially of studying the plan and welding book of the part in order to determine the temperature, the pressure, the resistant force, the positioning of the part, etc., according to the metals constituting the realization. .

Before the welding stage, the journeyman prepares the surfaces to be welded in order to guarantee the quality of the part’s welding. This preparation begins with polishing the edges, blunting, degreasing if necessary and cleaning the part. Subsequently, it is placed by vices or by the pointing technique in its ideal position.

Secondly, the welder must choose the welding technique indicated on the welding sheet and adjust the parameters of his welding station according to the metal to be worked. This step is essential to ensure the quality and durability of the weld.

There are different welding processes often related to the metal used and the specialization of the welder:

  • MIG/MAG welding
  • TIG welding
  • Electrode welding
  • Torch welding
  • arc welding
  • Resistance welding
  • laser welding

He then carries out the welding, with or without filler material, by melting the metals thanks to the heat emitted by the resistors, electrodes, gas mixtures, etc.

At the end of his exercise, the welder must check the weld beads to see that there are no defects, imperfections or inclusions of slag. Reworking or finishing operations are to be expected if the weld beads are not homogeneous or if they do not respect the parameters requested following a quality control.

At the end of his work, the welder can, if necessary, complete quality monitoring forms/documents to guarantee compliance with standards and product quality according to customer requirements.

In his activity, the welder is responsible for his equipment. This is why it is important to regularly maintain the instruments and machines useful for its activity for working comfort and to ensure the excellence of its operations.

Generally, the welder is specialized in his activity according to:

  • Metal (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, etc.)
  • The type of installation (piping, tanks, etc.)
  • The type of parts
  • The sector of activity (nuclear, naval, aeronautics, medical, offshore, etc.)
  • The process (arc, semi-auto, laser etc …)
  • The welding position (up, down, flat, etc.)

These specializations are numerous making the profession of welder a profession of choice according to preferences, the appetite for a field of activity, etc.


  • Reading a welding plan and technical document (welding book)
  • Manual mastery of different metals
  • Knowledge of the processes according to the metal
  • Handling quality control devices (vernier gauge)
  • Use of various devices useful for the activity


Welding being a key step in our activity, we are constantly recruiting welders to strengthen our teams and thus continue our economic development. Within the IDRA Global Industries group, we are looking for profiles with expertise in welding steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

The IDRA group working in various fields of activity, our welders work in industry, naval, nuclear, railway, etc … according to customer projects.

As a result, we regularly train our welders in new welding standards according to a welding position, a process, a sector of activity or even according to the metal. This continuous training is important for us in order to guarantee the development and renewal of the skills of our employees.

Our welders have development prospects according to their experience and seniority:

  • business manager
  • Welding engineer
  • Production manager
  • production pilot
Steel/stainless steel welder: apply
Aluminum welder: apply