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As the automotive sector is in continuous technical evolution, the IDRA Global Industries group is constantly adapting to meet customer needs. We work in your automotive factories at the following levels:

  • Fitting area (assembly)
  • Final assembly area
  • Cataphoresis area (industrial paint)

The IDRA group implements the following skills in the automotive industry:

  • Industrial boilermaking
  • industrial conveyor
  • Preventive and curative industrial maintenance
  • Industrial transfer

In the sheet metal fitting assembly division, we carry out the integration of your automated lines thanks to the IDRAPAL , our accumulation conveyor. Specially designed for automotive factories, it optimizes production flows within your robotic cells.

Aware of the importance of the environment of an industrial conveyor, we offer a study, design and on-site assembly service for the following products:

  • Industrial walkways
  • Industrial railings
  • Industrial crinoline stairs
  • Mesh panels
  • Industrial cranes
  • Anti-car posts
  • Personnel transport conveyor
  • Etc…

For the assembly and cataphoresis section, we also offer manufactured elements such as:

  • Structure and cladding of laser cabins
  • Lift sections
  • Chain, belt and roller conveyors.
  • Etc …

Our long-term collaborations with major market players now allow the IDRA Global Industries group to affirm its expertise in automotive industry projects.

In addition, our IDRA Service structure submits its skills in industrial maintenance and industrial transfer, mainly in the automotive sector, in order to ensure lasting collaboration.

We also carry out carry-over, reorganization of robotic islands, repair and reconditioning of machines to reduce the renewal of your equipment in the machine parks.

Because of our various activities in this sector, we are the ideal partner for your future projects and renovation of your automotive factories and for your automotive boiler work.