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mécanicien en maintenance mécanique industrielle
Idra maintenance mécanique industriel
mécanique maintenance industrielle avec IDRA

Industrial equipment maintenance partner

Within the IDRA Global Industries group, the IDRA Service company has expertise in industrial mechanical maintenance .

Through this expertise, we carry out on the one hand preventive maintenance by checking your installations or by the mechanical maintenance of parts defined on your devices. On the other hand, we carry out a curative maintenance service allowing partial or complete replacement of defective equipment on your machines within your production lines.

Industrial machine maintenance being a diversified market, IDRA Service has specialized in areas of activity in order to assert its experience and skills for 20 years:

  • Automotive
  • Agricultural
  • Aeronautics
  • Agrifood
  • Industry

Our staff is qualified to intervene in your industrial parks and production lines in all these sectors.

Tailor-made technical assistance

In addition to the maintenance services for industrial equipment, we are competent to carry out the industrial transfer and industrial relocation of production units and complete production lines.

During these activities, the company IDRA Service takes charge of all the missions, from dismantling, to reinstallation on site, including handling and transport.

Based on our experience, personalized support from the studies is put in place for a better understanding of your needs and constraints. Adaptation is the success factor in our production line reorganization and optimization projects.

Our human and material resources guarantee a turnkey response in the transfer of industrial machines.

Personalized solutions in mechanical maintenance

Breakdowns within your factories represent a loss of production, so IDRA Service offers emergency interventions thanks to our responsiveness and the professionalism of our itinerant technicians.

Industrial mechanical maintenance requires specific intervention qualifications, therefore, we have trained our teams in different technical and industrial environments. These authorizations allow a response that meets your needs and ensure the safety and quality of our services.

Depending on your requests, we can provide one or more teams for the maintenance of industrial equipment within your production plants. We can simply take care of part of your production or take full responsibility for the mechanical maintenance of a site. This partnership is governed by contracts over a defined period or by maintenance contracts renewed each year.

The maintenance of industrial equipment being varied, we offer more tailor-made solutions in order to provide an answer adapted to each of your needs.

The know-how of IDRAPAL

IDRA Service has the knowledge and the technicality of its accumulation conveyor: IDRAPAL.

The IDRAPAL was designed to optimize your production flows on lines or robotic islands with high production rates. Specialized for the handling of automotive fittings, this product is adaptable to various activity sectors.

As a result, we are more experienced in the maintenance of industrial machinery in the automotive sector.

This know-how goes from studies, from design to production, mechanical assembly and industrial assembly within your industrial parks and production lines.

Following a mechanical assembly of our IDRAPAL accumulation conveyor, we offer start-up assistance and personalized training on maintenance of this product to guarantee reliability and optimization of spare parts costs.

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