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Aluminium industrial boilermaker

IDRA Novacco represents the expertise of the IDRA Global Industries group in the forming and transformation of aluminium. Being a boilermaker by trade, the structure is also competent in the manufacture of steel and stainless steel parts.

Thanks to our separate workshops with an area of ​​5,000m² on our site, we can accommodate your small and large projects in aluminium, steel and stainless steel. Thus, we can simultaneously support projects that can weigh up to 20 tons.

As an industrial boilermaking company , we are able to produce parts of the following types:

  • Industrial structures
  • Mechanically welded sets
  • Aluminum/steel frame
  • Aluminum gangways
  • Cabins
  • Etc

IDRA Novacco can manufacture the parts from your manufacturing plans or we design and industrialize your industrial projects thanks to our design office and methods office.

Backed by more than 30 years of experience in industrial boilermaking , IDRA Novacco has distinguished itself in the region with a singular know-how: naval boilermaking.

Spécialization in naval boilermaking

This specialty in naval aluminum boilermaking is recognized by shipyards and shipbuilders on a European scale. Through this expertise, we produce hulls and superstructures for military, civilian and recreational vessels.

Thus, IDRA Novacco is your ideal partner for aluminum shipbuilding types:

  • Aluminum shell
  • Aluminum fishing boat
  • Aluminum mast
  • radar mast
  • Wheelhouse
  • steerage
  • Aluminum sailboat
  • Custom aluminum boat
  • Aluminum work boat
  • Turnkey boat

Because of our mastery of aluminum, we are commonly consulted for naval aluminum boilermaking projects. Nevertheless, we are able to meet your requests for naval steel boilermaking .

Generally, we work alongside professionals in the sector but we have already collaborated with private individuals and naval architects for naval boilermaking projects (aluminum hull, casings, turnkey boat, etc.)

Experienced staff

All our teams are qualified and certified by Bureau Veritas and Cofrend, allowing us to undertake complex projects in various fields of activity. These aluminum boilermaking projects are achievable thanks to the experience of IDRA Novacco.

Our qualifications allow us to carry out projects in rigorous sectors of activity such as:

  • Civil and military naval
  • Aeronautics
  • Medical
  • Agrifood
  • Industry
  • Renewable energies

The professionalism and experience of our methods and production teams are an asset in your projects in aluminum boilermaking and in particular in naval boilermaking . Our methods department takes care of the reverse design, preparation, industrialization and monitoring of your projects, allowing you to have personalized support in their achievements.

Timed Series Partner

Within our workshops, we have dedicated a space for a robotic park. Thus, we are equipped with 4 robotic welding cells to produce parts in small, medium and large series. This part of the production is mainly assigned to constructors and machine manufacturers wishing to subcontract the production of steel parts in series.

In addition to designing unique or made-to-measure pieces, the IDRA Novacco structure is an ideal partner for creating your structures and mechanically welded aluminum assemblies in small and medium series. This service is possible for parts such as:

  • Aluminum shell
  • Aluminum tipper
  • Aluminum gangway
  • Aluminum trailer
  • Etc …

Because of the quality provided on this type of service, IDRA Novacco affirms its reputation in aluminum boilermaking and naval boilermaking .

We appreciate the trust granted by our customers by outsourcing their own products. Thus, we guarantee a commercial relationship of trust and transparency, essential principles for a long-lasting collaboration.

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