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A mechanic-assembler is a journeyman specialized in the installation of industrial machinery and their environment, of production tools, metal structures, hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic systems.

His main mission being the assembly and assembly of industrial machines, the mechanic-assembler is confronted with multiple categories of machines whose learning of knowledge is essential: automatic machines, conveyors, hydraulic presses, machine tools, conveyor belts , roller conveyor, pneumatic installations, machining equipment, mechanical systems, etc …

During this assembly stage, everything must be assembled according to a precise method and steps (installation procedure). The approximation is not a term known by a mechanic-fitter since he must follow detailed documentation (specifications) guaranteeing the optimal functioning of the machine as well as its durability. As soon as the assembly has come to an end, the fitter-mechanic proceeds with the commissioning of the machine. Adjustments before a functional test are to be expected such as lubrication of friction elements, pressure injection, leveling of liquids, etc.

During the functional tests, the mechanic-fitter must adjust the machine according to the specifications requested by the customer.

A mechanic-fitter also plays the role of adviser to customers by writing maintenance documentation to external stakeholders, transmitting recommendations for use to operators in connection with the machine. But also, he takes on the role of trainer by taking care of training personnel on this machine by transmitting the procedures to be followed in the event of a breakdown, showing the functional, general and specific characteristics of the machine, then expressing the recommendations for use and safety in use.

Finally, the mechanic-fitter is assigned maintenance tasks such as:

  • Compliance
  • Periodic inspection
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Machine maintenance/repair 

This mission aims to guarantee the correct installation of the machines according to the legal standards of safety of the equipment as well as the guarantee of the proper functioning of the mechanical components.


  • Reading plans, diagrams and 3D
  • Use of metrology devices, portable tools, assembly tools, etc.
  • Skills in welding, mechanics, electromechanics, etc.
  • Know the operation/documentation of the machines
  • Understand technical English


Within the IDRA Service structure specializing in industrial conveying, our fitters are trained to work on our accumulation conveyor: IDRAPAL. Our sites being mainly throughout France and Europe, our employees in this position are mainly itinerant within the production plants (automotive, aeronautics, food industry, etc.).

Since IDRAPAL is the product of the IDRA Global Industries group, we are constantly recruiting mechanic-fitter and mechanic-fitter profiles to strengthen our teams and thus pursue our economic development.

Our employees are in charge of preparing the mechanical components, assembling the sub-assemblies and accessories of the machine and organizing the spare parts for the customers.

They are also in this position, required to carry out maintenance/conformity checks of IDRAPALs and then various preventive maintenances during our customers’ production shutdowns.

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