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A foundation in our business

Quality, an essential axis in the industry, is a priority for the IDRA Global Industries group in order to affirm the excellence of its work with its customers and to win new ones. We advocate Made In France, therefore, all our creations are made in our workshops located respectively in Erbray in Loire-Atlantique (44).

Our desire to guarantee quality requires the establishment of a quality management system beneficial to the organization of the group. A competent person assigned to this mission and the commitment of our employees are an asset in maintaining this requirement.

This state of mind on the part of each of the collaborators of IDRA Global Industries has consequences on the quality of productions, services, relations and our skills while having as its purpose the optimization of Quality, Cost and Time to meet as fair as possible to our customers. Thus in our internal divisions such as the after-sales service, the design and methods office, the sales department or even our production division, each of our employees pays particular attention to your requests by providing responsiveness and concrete answers. .

This commitment requires an annual adjustment in order to meet the objectives that we have set ourselves. These objectives are presented in 3 points: customer satisfaction, strict application of regulations and proof of continuous improvement in terms of quality.

Our standards of technical requirements

In addition to our quality management system, the IDRA Global Industries group is committed to developing the technical skills of its welders with validation of welding standards according to the specific requirements applicable to the fields of activity:

  • Industry
  • Civil and military naval
  • Automotive
  • Nuclear
  • Aeronautics
  • Medical
  • Railway

All these standards are renewed at the planned periods and offered to all of our employees in order to guarantee an increase in skills for everyone. Obtaining certain sectoral standards is an obligation in order to be able to operate and meet the needs of clients. These specifications give rise to accessibility to the processing of demanding files in various sectors and technical legitimacy with customers. And, it also makes it possible to recognize the final industrial quality of the achievements.

Diligent quality control

In line with standards, we have staff authorized to create and monitor quality control files with detailed documentation. Commonly, these files are requested in specialized sectors such as nuclear, rail, military naval, etc. Thanks to this internal knowledge, we are able to take charge of the entire project technical file, from studies to final quality control.

Material traceability ensures a better level of quality in the services provided by IDRA Global Industries. We ensure this traceability at the request of the customer throughout the project manufacturing. Thus, we transmit all the CPCU (Factory Production Control Certificates) corresponding to the materials used during the production.

In our industrial quality process, we have staff certified to carry out penetrant inspection by obtaining COFREND level 2 certification. This internal resource allows us to create inspection reports and declarations of conformity on achievements, thus consolidating our know-how. This also allows us to limit intermediaries and to be reactive.

Customer satisfaction, a daily commitment

During all our commercial collaborations, customer satisfaction is the last and main objective approving the quality of our services. Our organization was created to provide you with the assurance of obtaining the desired results that meet your requirements.

Therefore, our teams are available during each stage of a project to provide you with the desired visibility and lead a lasting commercial relationship in mutual trust.