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A business manager is the interlocutor of his company on the technical aspects entrusted to him and commercial on the activities.

Because of his proximity to the sales department, the account manager is a support for developing activities while ensuring customer follow-up.

He carries out the studies and the negotiation of the technical conditions, defines the deadlines and the costs of implementing a project. This is how he must understand and analyze the needs of his clients in order to propose suitable solutions while looking at their feasibility and profitability. The preparation of customer files (provisional schedule, budget, technique, etc.) is essential for the smooth running of the project.

It is within this framework that he must monitor the viability and commercial profitability of negotiated projects due to contingencies, customer changes, etc.

As soon as a contract is signed, the account manager must oversee the launch of business. With a representative role, he is able to coordinate a project just like a team.

Being the main interlocutor with the client, he has a right of inspection from the preparation of the estimate to the invoicing in order to ensure effective follow-up and the possibility of including modifications regardless of the stage of the project following a agreement with the customer.

Finally, the account manager plays an advisory role because of his technical skills, enabling him to propose optimizations for client projects.


  • Project management
  • Analysis of customer needs
  • Drafting commercial offers and contracts
  • Customer relations
  • Personal management


For each of our three structures, we have at least one business manager specialized in the activity of this one. This position is a strength within the IDRA Global Industries group by providing expertise in customer projects.

We attach great importance to communication, which is why our account managers are in direct contact with the sales department, providing support in the monitoring of major projects and the relationship with our customers.

The IDRA Global Industries group working in various fields of activity, our account managers are able to use their technical skills in the various sectors of activity such as naval, nuclear, aeronautics, rail, automotive, etc … according to customer projects and the integrated structure.

Our account managers have a prospect of development as service managers (design office, methods office, sales, etc.) depending on their experience and seniority.