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Breton industrial boilermaker

An industrial group created in 2010, IDRA Global Industries is the ideal partner to respond to various boilermaking, metalwork, industrial equipment and means of production projects. Located in Châteaubriant (44) on the border with Brittany, the group is made up of 2 subsidiaries and more than 40 employees.

Our organization and our resources allow us to provide solutions to the various projects entrusted to us and in various sectors of activity:

  • Aeronautics
  • Agricultural
  • Agrifood
  • Automotive
  • Railway
  • Industry
  • Medical
  • Civil and military naval
  • Nuclear

For the sectors listed, the staff of IDRA Global Industries is qualified to work steel, stainless steel and aluminum for small, medium and large parts.

Deux coques de bateau en aluminium en fabrication avec leur poste de travail - chaudronnerie bretagne

Complementary skills and specializations

Historically, the Brittany region has many companies and industrial groups in the food industry such as Bigard, Socopa, Eurial, Cooperl, etc…. Therefore, IDRA Global Industries offers a service in stainless steel boilermaking in Brittany in order to meet the needs of local companies specializing in this branch.

This region is also rich in know-how in the naval sector thanks to its many shipyards (Lorient, Brest, Concarneau, etc.). In order to affirm our boilermaking skills in Brittany , we have additional expertise in manufacturing, thus enabling us to take charge of all of your projects.

  • Study
  • Assembly
  • Maintenance

In addition to having their various skills, they give rise to overall support by ensuring the required deadlines, visibility, quality and costs during an industrial project.

In addition to our expertise, we have a network of partners to meet the needs associated with boilermaking such as:

  • Machining
  • Powder coating
  • Painting
  • Galvanization
  • Shot blasting
  • Etc …

We guarantee the quality of the services provided by these different partners with whom we have been collaborating for several years. Thanks to this relationship of trust, we are able to offer you advantageous prices.

A personalized design for your projects

We confirm our know-how in industrial boilermaking in Brittany thanks to our integrated design office and methods office. Equipped with CAD and DAO software, our staff designs your projects while optimizing manufacturing costs. This design requires modeling to obtain a rendering closer to reality and to have a better terrain projection.

Because of our multi-sector skills and the experience of our technicians, we are able to find and propose solutions that meet your needs or problems.

In order to strengthen our responsiveness in studies, a business manager will be assigned to your project, thus allowing an advanced understanding of it. We advocate communication, which is why the referent collaborator for your project is available during each stage in order to move forward with visibility.

IDRA Global Industries: confirmed subcontractor in Brittany

In the Brittany region, many companies use our services to delegate the production of parts in small and medium series. These parts can be frames, metal structures, mechanically welded assemblies, etc.

We collaborate with players in various fields of activity, from agricultural manufacturers to sports equipment manufacturers, we can meet any type of need.

Beyond the manufacturing service, our design office can collaborate with your technicians on product industrialization in order to optimize manufacturing costs and processes for timing.

In addition, our workshop is equipped with 4 robotic welding cells supporting mass production requests for small parts.

Due to high-performance and recent equipment and technical skills, we have acquired recognition by professionals in the boilermaking industry in Brittany .

This notoriety is also due to quality achievements, deadlines met and a commercial relationship of trust and transparency.

Projet sur-mesure conçu sur un logiciel CAO
Série de deux coques de voilier en aluminium dont une, en retournement

Quality, fundamental axis of the IDRA Global Industries group

In the industrial boilermaking sector in Brittany , quality is an essential value, especially since it confirms the competitiveness and efficiency of the companies present in this field.

For our boilermaking/welding activity, we renew all the welding standards and authorizations in order to comply with sectoral regulations and the standards in force.

In addition to our boilermaking quality in Brittany , the IDRA Global Industries group supports its excellence through internal divisions at the service of the customer. Whether it is our after-sales service, administrative, commercial or even our design/methods office, each of our employees pays particular attention to your requests by providing them with responsiveness.

It is through this responsiveness in a trusting and lasting commercial relationship that IDRA Global Industries guarantees everyone an honorable global service.

Thus, we remain at your disposal for any information or boilermaking project request in Brittany.

An essential quality commitment

Boilermaking in Brittany being the main activity of the IDRA Global Industries group, we pay particular attention to quality. Whether it is product quality, service quality or process quality, it is fundamental for us that this principle be continuously respected..

Our industrial boilermaking activity complies with the standards and regulations in force in order to guarantee a qualitative service. This formality includes the renewal of welding standards and the mandatory authorizations for on-site interventions:

  • Work at Height
  • CACES Carrycot
  • CACES Trolley
  • Etc
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