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The agricultural mechanic is a qualified operator who maintains, repairs and adjusts agricultural machinery/equipment. He is also responsible for the proper functioning and safety of the equipment (tractors, harvesters, sprayers, support equipment, etc.).

The diversity of machines/equipment in this area ensures different interventions.

As soon as a fault is detected and identified, the mechanic proceeds with the repair to remedy it. This operation includes the dismantling of mechanical parts, lubrication, emptying, purging or directly changing parts if necessary.

For operations on electronic equipment, the individual must carry out reprogramming, measurement and control operations for the proper functioning of the machine. When the modifications are made, he must carry out tests in order to guarantee the effectiveness of his intervention.

The versatility of this job requires you to master mechanics in general, electricity, electronics, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and of course IT with technological progress in this field of activity.

The agricultural mechanic also plays a monitoring role through upstream interventions to control the proper functioning of the equipment or by ensuring the compliance of the equipment according to changes in regulations or other circumstances.

In this profession, it is common to modify, renovate and adapt agricultural equipment because of its high cost. This is why the agricultural mechanic guarantees the supply of parts necessary for the intervention.

Finally, the mechanic takes care of emergency interventions for his customers, whether in the workshop or in the field.


  • Knowledge of hydraulics, mechanics, electricity
  • Diagnose faults effectively
  • Sense of relationship with customers
  • Establish quotes
  • Master the computer tool


Within the IDRA Global Industries group, the profession of agricultural mechanic is sought after for our industrial, agricultural and public works bodywork activity.

The interventions of our team are mainly within our workshops by missions such as:

  • Repair of various equipment
  • Refurbishment of box, tray, tipper, etc.
  • Hydraulic maintenance and replacement
  • Improvement and design service at the request of the client
  • Etc …

This activity is very diversified in terms of missions thanks to our diversified clientele and the increase in demand in our geographical sector.

We have high-performance equipment at IDRA Réal allowing the bodywork team to undertake all your specific requests. And, a design office being available within our IDRA Réal structure favoring your tailor-made requests.

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