On Friday June 17, 2022, the employees of the IDRA Global Industries group met at Guidel Plage (56) in Brittany for our cohesion day.

Throughout the morning, our employees competed in an Olympiad format through various mini games:

  • Tangram
  • Tug of war
  • Blind route
  • Obstacle course
  • Etc…
6 teams challenged each other to win! ????

Équipe rouge

Équipe bleue

Équipe violet

Équipe jaune

Équipe vert

Équipe orange

After more than 2 hours of activities, here is the podium of the Olympiads 2022:

???? : the yellow team ????

???? : the blue team ????

???? : the red team ????

After the effort, the comfort is not it? ????

At noon, everyone was invited to the restaurant for an aperitif and a meal. A moment of conviviality which knew how to delight all the participants, especially with a beautiful sun and a barometer displaying 35°C. ????

Many thanks again to all participants! ????